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As a self-employed worker, you are no doubt aware that banks are hesitant to provide you with financing, whether it is a purchase or re-finance. However, there exists some great programs for those who declare minor revenues but have a good credit score and some savings.

Ideal borrowing conditions for the self-employed

Here are the basic criteria that permits you to borrow under the best conditions:

  • Have a registered company for at least 2 years.
  • Put 10% down payment for a purchase.
  • Have a good credit score (ideally above 650 with Equifax).
  • Be up to date in your taxes.

Program for self-employed workers with little income:

If your credit is good and you do not declare much revenue, you do not have to present proof of income. We have lenders that understand your situation! The file will be presented based on your self-declared revenue, your word is sufficient.

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