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Mortgage broker

President of 360 finance inc,
Mortgage brokerage firm,
Proud partner of Planiprêt.

Fabrice’s real estate investment consulting service is deeply rooted in his 17 years as a mortgage broker and real estate broker. As President of 360 Finance, a mortgage brokerage firm in partnership with Planiprêt (Mortgage Planners), he leads a team of over 30 mortgage brokers.

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An analytical
and rational approach

Fabrice’s analytical and rational approach will be the perfect complement to your desire to own your dream home or build a profitable real estate portfolio. Thanks to his dual licenses as a real estate broker with M Immobilier and as a mortgage broker with Planiprêt, he can offer cross-discipline advice that’s hard to find. He’s proud to have helped so many clients become financially independent!

Fabrice Mesnagé

Fabrice strives to offer personalized service supported by powerful technological tools (pre-qualification, budget, building profitability analysis, sector study, etc.). He dedicates his efforts to finding properties that meet your needs while working in collaboration with a team of professionals who work to find you the best mortgage financing! Fabrice moved to Quebec nearly 20 years ago and his combined European and North American knowledge is just one more advantage of working with him. He knows how to mobilize his network at the right time for everyone’s benefit!

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Member of the Club Excellence Planiprêt from 2015 to 2021

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