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Important renovations, un-expected expenses, a divorce, a death in the family or a job transfer to another city, are all un-expected situations that may force you to re-finance your mortgage before term. Whatever the reason for your decision to re-finance before term there will be a penalty.* You will either have to pay 3 months interest or the difference in the rate for the remainder of the term (or whichever is higher).

* The loss of interest that the financial institution suffers from the termination of the contract.

Take penalties into account

You can ask for a written statement from your financial institution to know the exact amount of your penalty. Afterwards, we can verify with you to see if the profits realized by the decrease in interest rates are greater than the penalty charged. We encourage you to contact one of our mortgage specialists at Planiprêt. Due to our precise calculations and expertise in the field as well as our competitive rates, you are certain to renew your mortgage under the best conditions available on the market.

Take the time to discuss the following issues with our expert:

  • Which is better, a fixed versus a variable mortgage rate?
  • What is a combination (Step) product?
  • Is it beneficial to open a Line of Credit on your property?
  • Are there any tax benefits that relate to your mortgage?

Consultants with acute expertise

The mortgage specialists at Planiprêt are up to date with all of the market fluctuations and changes. Moreover, we will use all of our expertise and tools to help you succeed with all your mortgage financing projects.

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